an enablement initiative by Guddu Shani




Free seminars in Universities, Chambers of businesses & companies about various important topics that should set a mindset of innovation & growth, human-centric need analysis, tips & tricks of the trade, Industry demands etc.



FOR STUDENTS: Free of cost 1-day workshops to reduce the gap between industry and current education systems. Working on certain skill sets that can contribute at scale but are commonly missed by the education system or business planners



Crash training programs for less than a week focused on job-oriented subjects, to resolve short-term business challenges, enable teams to optimize businesses through innovative & cost-effective solutions.

Targeted to students of final year, semi-professionals looking for upgrades, and professionals/organizations looking for certain resolutions




Free webinars over the internet to reach out masses. All about various important topics those should set a mindset of innovation & growth, human-centric need analysis, tips & tricks of the trade, Industry demands, etc.



​Series of 1-hour discussion broadcasted live through Youtube with legends and young achievers from different industries & professions who are available locally or global diaspora and with CEOs or owners of businesses. Talking about their tips & tricks of the trade, sharing their professional experience only, discussing current global job demands, briefing about their business needs, etc.


The objective is to mentor and align the mindset & skills of the potential young workforce with the requirements of global business



1 Hour meetups for people from any walk of life to get together, tell about what they do and what they achieved in their lives so that others may know their abilities and collectively everyone start an ecosystem of support & enablement




Providing a space/facility to different verticals for injection of innovation with collaboration of the best resources explored through above activities.

Targeting massive economic growth through innovation mindset & avoid brain drain by utilising innovators within local industry


(applicable to people from all walks of life)


Design thinking subject believes that everyone has the ability to be creative & innovate. Must-have mindset & hands-on knowledge for people from all walks of life to innovate their jobs for better competitive economic activity at a lower cost. Either you belong to Medicine, Engineering, IT, Robotics, Business owner, Shopkeeper or an employee, IT's For You!

Our goal is to enable a mindset of an innovative economy 


You cracked a great idea already through a basic understanding of design thinking and now you are ready to hit the market? WAIT!

You need to make it visually pleasing to add value to your great idea. Visual arts create value addition. Set a higher price for your great idea.

Our goal is to enable visual artists of various kinds to understand industrial demands, get more focused on communication, and adapt global aesthetics to address massive potential market




​You cracked a great idea, packaged it well for value addition and you actually should hit the market!

Time to market your product. There is a high chance of bleeding exponential money if you do it conventionally. Just remember that what you perceive doesn't necessarily mean, people like it. With Data-Driven creative & marketing approach your marketing become pragmatic and programmatic and communicates to the consumer at a hyper-personal level

Our goal is to enable businesses with mindset and frameworks to avoid their loss of money in marketing, make marketing more measurable and increase trust & retention among customers