Supply Chain Excellence: Bocconi

NFX for Franchise System: Bocconi

User Experience Design: Google certification

Fashion Retail Transformation: Parsons School Of Design 

Design Thinking: D.School, Stanford University

From Ideas To Prototypes: IDEO Certification

Digital Warehousing: Pick - Pack - Ship


Crowd Thinking Through Gamestorming

Digital Growth Hacking & Personalisation
Content Marketing Frame Work
Customer Experience Design

Design Thinking

2 Years Certification in “Classical Film Direction” off-campus course from London School of Film & Media
M.F.A (Masters of Fine Arts) as Graphic Designer from College of Art & Design, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

B.F.A (Bachelor's of Fine Arts) as Graphic Designer from College of Art & Design, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

B.B.A (Bachelor's of Business Administration) National Textile College.

Diploma in Textile Design (Evening Program)  National Textile College

Informal Education

  • 2 year extensive research about advertising and marketing for new age customer (Gen-Y, Gen-X, Gen-Z)     

  • 1 year of extensive research about 2 way advertising communication system    

  • 10 years of informal education through internet on different subjects including Textile Design, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Nature of different Market segments (demographically & geographically), Project Management, Arts & Design, Business Development, New Media Design, Media Education, Business Management, Photography, Business Ideas development, Classical Film Direction and a lot more     

  • Extensive study of Print Designs in textile through online seminars, workshops, tutorials.     

  • Workshop on hands puppet making

  • Workshop on word of mouth marketing (publicity)    

  • Online Short course in basic business finance & accounting    

  • Online Short course in Software Analysis & Project Management     

  • Extensive study of human reaction against advertising through different medias     

  • One week workshop on 2D Cell animation for Web & TV     

  • Short courses in video making & animation     

  • 1 year course in Violin Playing Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore   

  • 1 year course in live drawing from Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore

Professional Experience

  • Working on a self-sponsored initiative for National Growth through Innovative Mindset. This includes setting up a National innovation lab, its a detailed business plan, and team building March 2020 - till now

  • Brand consultant for Nishat Linen 2016 - Till Dec 2019 taking care of all 7 P’s of Marketing with the objective of future proofing the brand with unified Customer Experience Design including communication development, e-commerce, digital advertising, customer retention, product development, pricing strategies, store experience & growth hacking

  • Creative image consultant for KHAADI 2016 - 2017 for reshaping of visual communication of brand

  • 6 years experience in digital marketing with specialisation in data mining APD (action per data) & e-commerce sales

  • 11 years experience in Brand consultancy for Sana Safinaz 2005-2016

  • Direction & Production of TVCs / New media videos for brands like Sana Safinaz, Khaadi, Nishat Linen, Gulahmed, Exide Batteries , HSY, Maria B., CrossRoads etc

  • 11 years experience in Commercial Photography with more than 30000 shots, 800 published shoots in reputed publications like Libas International, Vogue India, Vogue Italia, Hello UAE, Visage, The News, Dawn, S+, Daily Times, FAQ etc.. The scope included Fashion Photography, Personality Shoots, Product Photography, Landscape Photography covering almost all reputed clients including LUX, EBM, SOOPER, MOBILINK, TETRA PAK, TELENOR , ROYAL FANS, KASHMIR BANASPATI, GULAHMED TEXTILES, BAREEZE, CROSS ROADS, OUTFITTERS, GEN-Y, SANA SAFINAZ, BODY FOCUS etc

  • Pioneer in digital textile printing in Pakistan with special research about color profiling for accurate designer colors

  • 17 years experience in Communication Design & Advertising including new media design & print media design. Worked on various campaigns both internationally & nationally. The experience includes 3 years of new media design service as offshore designer for clients in UK, Canada, USA & Australia.

  • 10 years parallel experience in textile design. Worked on both concept development and mechanical design developments including manual and digitised methods.

  • Project and Software analysis & development management for INTERACTIVE EDUCATION IN PAKISTAN for a private company named “Nafay”

  • Software Analysis & development management for INTERNAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for 360 degrees. That automates all task and projects and HR Management.

  • 7 years business experience including Resham Ghar & 360 degrees. Including HR, Accounts, Advertising, and Business management.

  • Designed, managed and publicised different fashion shows & corporate events for different fashion labels.

  • 3 Workshops on Concept Development to students of Textile Design Department, College of Arts & Design, Punjab University, Orientation for first year students regarding National Development through Arts & Design at PSFD (Pakistan School of Fashion Design)

  • Skill Development vocational training for 3 months to students of BNU (Beacon house National University) & NCA (National College of Arts) regarding design development for Local Fashion in Pakistan.

  • 1 year teaching experience in STEP institute, Lahore. Taught “Modern media for Modern age” and “Concept development for Art & Design”.

  • Worked for 1 year as Design Manager in ICAPS USA.

  • Analyzed, Designed and managed more than 100 interactive websites for international clients as an offshore designer before 11 September

  • Analysis & Development of Interactive educational CD in Malay language for class 3 & 4 of Malaysian children with over 45 chapters covering more than 3500 pages.

  • Development of 3d architectural walk throws for an American firm as an offshore artist.

  • Concept Development experience: developed concepts for varied projects including: Interior Design, TV Programs, New Businesses, Shopping Malls, and Advertising Campaigns etc.

  • Worked on Beautification of Lahore closely with P.H.A from 1999-2001

  • Worked as puppeteer in Alhamra Arts Council & a private Puppet Theater named “ Tamasha”

  • Experienced Stage plays direction & onset lighting for 3 dramas

  • Arranged & managed a play at Minar-e-Pakistan at 1st anniversary of Pakistan Atomic Trial.