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Supply Chain Excellence: Bocconi

NFX for Franchise System: Bocconi

User Experience Design: Google certification

Fashion Retail Transformation: Parsons School Of Design 

Design Thinking: D.School, Stanford University

From Ideas To Prototypes: IDEO Certification

Digital Warehousing: Pick - Pack - Ship


Crowd Thinking Through Gamestorming

Digital Growth Hacking & Personalisation
Content Marketing Frame Work
Customer Experience Design

Design Thinking

2 Years Certification in “Classical Film Direction” off-campus course from London School of Film & Media
M.F.A (Masters of Fine Arts) as Graphic Designer from College of Art & Design, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

B.F.A (Bachelor's of Fine Arts) as Graphic Designer from College of Art & Design, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

B.B.A (Bachelor's of Business Administration) National Textile College.

Diploma in Textile Design (Evening Program)  National Textile College

Informal Education

  • Two years of extensive research about advertising and marketing for new age customer (Gen-Y, Gen-X, Gen-Z)     

  • 1 year of extensive research about 2 way advertising communication system    

  • 10 years of informal education through internet on different subjects including Textile Design, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Nature of different Market segments (demographically & geographically), Project Management, Arts & Design, Business Development, New Media Design, Media Education, Business Management, Photography, Business Ideas development, Classical Film Direction and a lot more     

  • Extensive study of Print Designs in textile through online seminars, workshops, tutorials.     

  • Workshop on hands puppet making

  • Workshop on word of mouth marketing (publicity)    

  • Online Short course in basic business finance & accounting    

  • Online Short course in Software Analysis & Project Management     

  • Extensive study of human reaction against advertising through different medias     

  • One week workshop on 2D Cell animation for Web & TV     

  • Short courses in video making & animation     

  • 1 year course in Violin Playing Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore   

  • 1 year course in live drawing from Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore

Professional Experience

  • 32,000 published images from photography portfolio

  • Directed 70,000+ images, videos and content pieces with a junior team of creative professionals

  • Worked as Chief Brand Officer for Ittehad Textiles Pvt. Ltd. Dec 2021 - March 2022, taking care of a complete fashion retail chain as an alternate CEO with 98 stores across 52 cities. Rebuilding the retail chain with the vision of Technology & Innovation for better planning and fast delivery at a lower cost of doing.

  • Worked as Chief Brand Officer Grand Ittehad Hotel & Restaurants, taking care of the user experience, brand identity, and remodeling with technological usage. 

  • Working on a self-sponsored initiative for National Growth through Innovative Mindset. This includes setting up a National innovation lab, a detailed business plan, and team building from March 2020 - till now.

  • Brand consultant for IDPF 2021 for building business model, brand guidelines, user experience, franchisee experience, supply chain model, and retail management model.

  • Brand consultant for in the year 2020. Built an absolute cloud business model and content marketing framework and led the brand guidelines. 

  • Brand consultant for Nishat Linen 2016 - Till Dec 2019, taking care of all 7 P’s of Marketing with the objective of future-proofing the brand with unified Customer Experience Design, including communication development, e-commerce, digital advertising, customer retention, product development, pricing strategies, store experience & growth hacking

  • Creative image consultant for KHAADI 2016 - 2017 for reshaping of visual communication of brand

  • Six years experience in digital marketing with specialization in data mining APD (action per data) & e-commerce sales

  • 11 years experience in Brand consultancy for Sana Safinaz 2005-2016

  • Direction & Production of TVCs / New media videos for brands like Sana Safinaz, Khaadi, Nishat Linen, Gulahmed, Exide Batteries, HSY, Maria B., CrossRoads, etc

  • Eleven years of experience in Commercial Photography with more than 30000 shots and 800 published shoots in reputed publications like Libas International, Vogue India, Vogue Italia, Hello UAE, Visage, The News, Dawn, S+, Daily Times, FAQ, etc. The scope included Fashion Photography, Personality Shoots, Product Photography, and Landscape Photography, covering almost all reputed clients, including LUX, EBM, SOOPER, MOBILINK, TETRA PAK, TELENOR, ROYAL FANS, KASHMIR BANASPATI, GULAHMED TEXTILES, BAREEZE, CROSS ROADS, OUTFITTERS, GEN-Y, SANA SAFINAZ, BODY FOCUS, etc.

  • Pioneer in digital textile printing in Pakistan with special research about color profiling for accurate designer colors

  • Seventeen years of experience in Communication Design & Advertising, including new media design & print media design. Worked on various campaigns both internationally & nationally. My experience includes three years of new media design service as an offshore designer for clients in the UK, Canada, the USA & Australia.

  • Ten years of parallel experience in textile design. Worked on both concept development and mechanical design developments, including manual and digitized methods.

  • Project and Software analysis & development management for INTERACTIVE EDUCATION IN PAKISTAN for a private company named “Nafay.”

  • Software Analysis & development management for INTERNAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for 360 degrees. That automates all tasks and projects and HR Management.

  • Seven years of business experience, including Resham Ghar & 360 degrees. Including HR, Accounts, Advertising, and Business management.

  • Designed, managed and publicised different fashion shows & corporate events for different fashion labels.

  • 3 Workshops on Concept Development to students of Textile Design Department, College of Arts & Design, Punjab University, Orientation for first year students regarding National Development through Arts & Design at PSFD (Pakistan School of Fashion Design)

  • Skill Development vocational training for 3 months to students of BNU (Beacon house National University) & NCA (National College of Arts) regarding design development for Local Fashion in Pakistan.

  • 1 year teaching experience in STEP institute, Lahore. Taught “Modern media for Modern age” and “Concept development for Art & Design”.

  • Worked for 1 year as Design Manager in ICAPS USA.

  • Analyzed, Designed and managed more than 100 interactive websites for international clients as an offshore designer before 11 September

  • Analysis & Development of Interactive educational CD in Malay language for class 3 & 4 of Malaysian children with over 45 chapters covering more than 3500 pages.

  • Development of 3d architectural walk throws for an American firm as an offshore artist.

  • Concept Development experience: developed concepts for varied projects including: Interior Design, TV Programs, New Businesses, Shopping Malls, and Advertising Campaigns etc.

  • Worked on Beautification of Lahore closely with P.H.A from 1999-2001

  • Worked as puppeteer in Alhamra Arts Council & a private Puppet Theater named “ Tamasha”

  • Experienced Stage plays direction & onset lighting for 3 dramas

  • Arranged & managed a play at Minar-e-Pakistan at 1st anniversary of Pakistan Atomic Trial.

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