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         does all the work.

All you do is support.

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Here’s how BEE works for you

1. Data Connection

We integrate our technology with data from your business through any available data systems that may be online & offline e.g. Your ERP, CRM, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, Shopify or any other from where we can collect Demographic, Geographic & Behavioural data about customers.


2. Data Analysis

Segments that will maximise your returns

Our expert team of data analysts convert important data into business insights and create powerful business intelligence by producing customer

segments as per Demographic, Geographic & Behavioural data.

3. Customer Personas

Multiple Customer personas are built to know more about all potential customer segments, as well as their pain points and expectations. Personas help ensure that all creative efforts involved in acquiring and serving your customers are tailored to the targeted buyer’s needs.

That may sound  like a no-brainer, but it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Will you feel better if I address your problem or will you feel better when I tell you my problem?

4. Value Hunt

We hunt for all potential hidden values in each customer segment by connecting their pain points or gain points with our brand’s products & services. Humans find the highest value when someone addresses them directly.

5. Content Marketing Framework

A whole content marketing framework is built around potential value; for instance, How the brand will communicate with that customer segment, what will be the language used, how frequent we need to communicate, etc. 

The framework enables the brand to have consistent pieces those are pushed in a year or more.

6. Content Creation

At Guddu Shani we help deliver the scale with our data driven creative platform BEE​.

People deserve advertising that feels native and delivers emotional value. This is where all of the above comes into play. Our extensive team of creative professionals know how to convert a customer persona into visual communication. ​At Guddu Shani we help deliver the scale with our data driven creative platform BEE​ through pragmatic content pieces adapted to all customer segments and mediums.

* Segments are as per Demographics, Geographics & Behavioural data.

7. Ad Push

So when you have the RIGHT ADS and know the RIGHT CUSTOMER, you need to show them at the RIGHT TIME. With BEE we maximise results by delivering targeting sequences across the entire customer lifecycle. As your customers move from one stage of the buying journey to the next, their ad experience evolves to become more relevant and personalised.

We do not bombard users with ads; we show the right message at the right time.


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