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Learn The Art Of Shooting At Locations

  • Starts Aug 15
  • 72 US dollars
  • Guddu Shani Studio

About The Course

3 Days Bootcamp | 3:00pm - 6:00pm everyday Discover the fascinating world of location photography with Guddu Shani, award-winning photographers renowned for their creative and innovative work with some of Pakistan's biggest fashion brands. Join us for a transformative three-day bootcamp titled "Learn the Art of Shooting at Locations," meticulously crafted to elevate your photographic skills to the next level. This unique opportunity allows you to learn directly from the masters of the craft, uncovering the secrets of making every shot memorable, no matter where you are. In this immersive bootcamp, you'll learn how to creatively utilize a location, transform ordinary spots into extraordinary photo sets, and draw inspiration from the environment around you. Gain hands-on experience shooting in a variety of settings, from natural outdoor environments to edgy industrial locations and controlled man-made studio sets. Whether you're an art student, a wedding photographer, a commercial photographer, or a brand employee seeking to enhance your skills, this bootcamp promises to equip you with practical knowledge and experience. Come, join us, and be part of an inspiring journey that can ignite your passion and redefine your perspective on location photography.